I’ve tried homeopathy on a few occasions and now it’s my first go to because most of the time it does work, it’s easy, the remedies are natural with no side effects and it’s relatively inexpensive. One time I hit my knee just under the kneecap and it swelled up like a balloon and was very painful. Did the usual things like going to the doctor, getting an x-ray, icing it. But after I took Ledum the pain was gone the next day.

I also got a constitutional remedy for headaches. I used to get a pretty severe headache whenever there was a big swing in air pressure. After taking my case, my homeopath recommended Sanguinaria and now I rarely get them, and if I do they are way less severe. And then I take the remedy again and it goes away.

I was a bit cautious about trying homeopathy because of some media reports but when I looked into it more closely I found conflicting claims – “It’s so diluted it’s nothing but a placebo” and on the other hand, “It’s dangerous because some of the remedies are based on source material that would cause harm – if taken in large doses”. How can it can be both? And since I couldn’t find any evidence where anyone actually had serious side effects, I decided I’d see for myself.

– Mari