I found homeopathy while I was attending naturopathic college in the late 80s. In order to go to the College I first had to complete three years of premed training with various science courses. The first two years of naturopathic college were just like any medical school, we used the same books for our basic training. Then, in third year, we were introduced to the alternative healing modalities. I had no problems with nutrition, botanical medicine, acupuncture and physical therapy, but homeopathy I could not wrap my head around. The whole business of the ultra-high dilutions and having no molecules in the final product just did not fly with my science-based mind at the time at all.

About a month into our third year of training I was ready to quit, as I didn’t want to be turned into a ‘quack’! Even though I had just invested five years of my life and tens of thousands of dollars in tuition fees!

Around this time, a Dolisos rep visited our school and gifted all the students with a little homeopathic first-aid kit. I took it home and dejectedly put it under my desk. About two nights later I woke in the middle of the night with a very severe, acute tonsillitis, of only my left tonsil. It was huge, almost obstructing my throat and felt as if it was on fire. I could barely swallow. This came out of nowhere. I was wondering what to do when I remembered our homeopathy instructor telling us about different remedies for sore throats, including remedies for left- and right-sided tonsillitis.

The one for left-sided tonsillitis was made from a – snake venom! Of course this did nothing to improve my faith in homeopathy, but now I was in serious trouble and considering calling an ambulance as the tonsil was truly nearly choking me. So I took a look into the homeopathic first aid kit and magically, the remedy was in it. At least I knew it could not harm me, as the snake venom was all diluted away.

I took two pellets and lied back down in bed. After about five minutes I felt much better and could swallow again. Soon I drifted off to sleep. In the morning I realized something very profound had happened the night before, I checked my tonsil and it was almost back to normal and I felt almost no pain at all. I felt shocked and intrigued, what just happened? Obviously homeopathy was working after all.

This was the beginning of my 30-year love affair with homeopathy, which still continues to this day. I’ve had many other dramatic personal experiences with homeopathy during those years and have also been able to help thousands of others with this wonderful modality! I believe that my attack of left-sided tonsillitis, which I had never had before and never again since in my life, was a type of divine intervention to prevent me from quitting school at that time!

– Anke Zimmermann
Throat Swelling, Tonsillitis