In my mid-twenties I developed very severe menstrual cramps. By that time I knew a bit about homeopathy as I was introduced in naturopathic college. Various remedies helped for a time and gave relief but did not eliminate the problem. This went on for a few years.

One day, in my early 30s, I was writing the final for my post-graduate training course in homeopathy when the cramps hit our of nowhere. I was in agony. Finally I got up and explained the situation to our teacher, Dr. Andre Saine. He asked me a few questions, looked at his watch, opened his travel homeopathy kit, which he never went anywhere without it seemed, as we were in a hotel for this course and gave me a remedy.

In about three minutes the cramps were completely gone! I finished the test without problems. Afterwards I went up to see him and asked him what he gave me. He said: “Belladonna, you came to me just after 3 pm with your cramps and Belladonna has a time aggravation of 3 pm as well as labour-like menstrual cramps.”

Wow! I had not thought about Belladonna for cramps at this time, but of course homeopathic remedies are not given for specific conditions but for the overall state of the person, including at what time symptoms start or are worse.

From then on I carried a little vial of Belladonna in my purse at all times.

The next month, on day of my cycle around 3 pm the cramps hit again. 2 pellets of Belladonna and gone for good until the following month when the scenario was repeated. The same thing happened for another two months and after that I never had a single menstrual cramp again! Thank you Andre!

Several years later I was giving birth to my first child in my home, which was also my office. Back then I ran a large clinic in Newmarket, Ontario from this building. It was a Friday and the busy office with several other practitioners was in full swing all day while I laboured upstairs, assisted by midwives. Things were not going well however, the contractions were severe and almost non-stop and my cervix was not dilating. I didn’t want to be touched or spoken to but not left alone either. I felt miserable and was contemplating going to the hospital, but every slight movement caused so much pain and discomfort I could not imagine how I would get out of the house, into a car etc.

Then, just after 5 pm my colleague Marina der Borgossian came upstairs to check on me. One look and she knew the remedy! She went downstairs to get it, gave me 2 pellets and in about 3-4 minutes everything changed. The contractions were less severe and farther apart. I felt a surge of fresh energy and good mood, my cervix dilated magically and I pushed my little baby out in no time flat!!!

Thank you Marina for saving me that day, I will be forever grateful. My daughter just turned 21, a miracle birth.

– Anke
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