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Rebecca Crankshaw

How you found homeopathy. (a) To help my son’s hayfever. (b) To find a less toxic way of dealing with an appalling hangover! One of my closest friends, is a practising homeopath, and I thought I’d give it a go. How it benefited you or your family. (a) Apis worked immediately to relieve the acute hayfever symptoms of my son when he was a toddler. It reduced his puffy eyes and stopped him sneezing. (b) Nux vomica cleared my head and dealt with my nausea immediately.

– Rebecca Crankshaw
Apis, Hangover, Hayfever, Nausea, Nux Vomica

Joanna Hunt

How you found homeopathy. I have had an ileostomy as a result of Crohns’ Disease. I developed a rash around my stoma which made it difficult for my bag to stick. The rash spread over my body. I first became interested after a friend suggested a remedy for one of my dogs, which of course worked, and since then I use it all the time for my animals and myself. How it benefited you or your family. I went to the Dr about my rash (see first question)and was prescribed steroids orally and in a cream, a steroid/anti fungal cream… Read more “Joanna Hunt”

– Joanna Hunt
Crohns Disease, Ileostomy, Sulphur

Cindy Lund

How you found homeopathy. My mother took me aged 13 as I had terrible hayfever and nothing the doctor did helped. The homeopathy cured the hayfever and helped a lot with allergies and asthma. I later suffered from anxiety and depression and homeopathy has been the most effective treatment and I have tried everything including conventional medication. How it benefited you or your family. It has cured hayfever, allergies, asthma, injuries of all kinds, infections, teething problems, tonsillitis, warts/verrucas, ringworm, emotional problems, coughs, flu. My kids haven’t needed to take an antibiotic or other conventional medicine (including calpol) more than… Read more “Cindy Lund”

– Cindy Lund
Anxiety, Asthma, Depression, General Health, Hayfever, Ringworm, Tonsillitis, Verruca, Warts


How you found homeopathy. I was being encouraged by neighbours to see a homoeopath as nothing else was helping and so I bought the book “The Complete Guide to Homoeopathy” By Nicola Geddes and Andrew Lockie on sale at a book fair, and subsequently made an appointment…best thing I ever did! How it benefited you or your family. The painful periods disappeared the very next month. I have since used it for many other complaints with good success.

– BD


How you found homeopathy. Doctor told me I had to learn to live with CFS and this was not acceptable to me. He had minimsl options and nothing that would help. I saw a Homeopath and within a year I was back to being in good health again and have been ever since. How it benefited you or your family. It cured me of CFS within a year, when my GP told me I had to learn to live with CFS!

– DM
CFS, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome